Yvonne Troxell Lamothe


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Artist Statement


The natural world informs my work. Colors, textures, form give life and depth and authenticity to the painting process. Concern for the disregard of our world, profit over people and our land sends me searching for little bits of peace and harmony to hold. I find special moments when I can quiet myself as I try to grasp a piece of the wonder around me in various settings. I await a bit of surprise and discovery as I work that may bring about a new sensibility.


I work in oil, watercolor and acrylic and have produced archival pigment prints from my original paintings.


Gallery Plein Air 2019

Oil on Panel

 Gallery Plein Air 2018

Oil on Panel

Gallery Plein Air 2017
Oil and Watercolor

Fauvistly Speaking Gallery 2016

In the Open Air 2015

Oil on Panel

In the

Open Air 2014
Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor

 Earlier Works
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